Can I really manage my account compliance documentation for free?

Yes. All registered user accounts come with free compliance documentation management and automation.  This ensures that you have the tools to meet your clients requirements.

Are there any "up-sells" or hidden costs?

We will never use sales tactics such as asking you to contact our sales team to "find out more" or to learn about our "special pricing."  Our Pricing page is up front and  will always show our fees. Currently, all users can maintain their Compliance Documentation Documentation for free.  A paid subscription unlocks all Vendor Management tools for your use.  

AllyConnect was built to be the most cost effective alternative to the expensive compliance solutions that tend to have an expensive up-sell for you to be able to gain access to each of the features, modules and tools. Some will even try to sell a service to complete the compliance requirements for you, which AllyConnect believes is a conflict of interest. 

Do I have to pay a subscription for each company I connect to?

Each FREE Registration includes an unlimited number of company connections.

How long does it take to activate my account?

Usually in under 1 minute.  The company and individual accounts just require you to complete a quick registration process and email confirmation.  Insurance agent accounts require an extra step, where AllyConnect vets the agent.  This is usually completed in 24-48 hours.

Who can see my profile?

Your user account profile can only be seen by a company you requested a connection with.  Both accounts must have a paid subscription to share data.

Individual accounts are only viewable by a company that you requested a connection with. Both accounts must have a paid subscription to share data. 

Can other companies see my vendor network?

We do NOT sell of share our customer data.  Only you will have access to your vendor network.  We know our customers feel that their vendor network is their "secret sauce" to success and we do not want to compromise that.

Is there a Demo available?

Yes.  Please email our sales team via the "contact us" link form to request a Demo.  We would be more than happy to set up a private demonstration of the system for you.

What kind of supporting documentation is collected?

We collect all necessary compliance documentation required by your clients.  You will provide the data, images or documents that will appear in your profile.  Additionally, authorized 3rd parties such as Insurance Agents will provide data, images or documents.

Is there an API so we Can integrate AllyConnect with our Proprietary work flow system?

Yes, a plug-and-play API allows for integration with any cloud or proprietary system, including internal work flow systems and 3rd party work flow systems.  There may be a one time integration fee. Contact sales if you are interested in an API integration to your work flow system.

Is AllyConnect difficult to use?

AllyConnect was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.  Many of our competitor's systems are very hands on, cumbersome, and difficult to use for vendors, causing much frustration.  This may be why they try to up-sell a service to complete the compliance setup service for you.

Do I have to use all of the modules?

All Modules are designed to work independently.  As a Client you only have to require the components you want.  As a vendor you only have to complete what your clients require.

Are ID Badges included?

Documentation management is free for Individual accounts.  However, you must purchase an ID badge because it does have a manufacturing process, which includes the manufacturing and shipping of a vetted, professional, thermo-printed PVC ID Badge with a tamper resistant holographic laminate.

How secure is AllyConnect Data?

AllyConnect utilizes SOC1, SOC2, and ISO 27001 certified servers.

All customer credit card data is maintained on our credit card processor's PCI compliant servers.